Many android smartphones start to get sluggish after loading apps and photos, videos etc.
Deleting useless and lesser used apps and cached data may help you to improve your smartphone’s smoothness.
Tired of deleting your files to free up your smartphone storage? So, you are at the right place to get rid of it. Here are Top 3 Best Apps to boost your smartphone by simply clearing cache etc. You should maintain your smartphone’s smoothness by using these apps.

Easy Cache Cleaner

It is an android application which most of the users would find simple to use because of its great and easy features.


  • Easily delete all the cache files that have no use.So, by this way you can save your phones storage space and speed up your phone.
  • Scanning speed is also very fast which helps in detecting useless files within very less time.
  • It also has a reminder function.

1tap cleaner

It has the ability to clean almost everything on your phone that occupies memory and it does it in just a TAP!!

This app includes four cleaners:

  • History cleaner.
  • Cache cleaner.
  • Call/text log cleaner.
  • Default cleaner

It is a great app for those who have memory management issues with their android devices because you don’t have to root your device.

    App Cache Cleaner

    This app is for those who want to free their internal memory or have memory management issues, app cache cleaner is perfect for their device and you even don’t need to root your phone.
    This app can quickly clear application cached files and you just need to tap once to clean all cached files and provide yourself with some more space.


    • Arrange applications according to cache size or app name
    • Automatically delete all cache
    • Long pressing an app you can view,share or uninstall applications.