Nowadays there are many hosting services which allow you to host your files free of cost into the cloud. But what if Google itself provides you 15 GB of online storage space absolutely FREE and you can also host a web page on Google Drive. The hosted files are safe, available from anywhere and collaborate with Google Docs. Now in this brief post I will write on how to easily host web pages on Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

13 months ago Google launched a free Online backup and synchronization service known as Google Drive which is Safe, secure and shareable. You can save your files on cloud storage and share them with anyone or you can even make it private. If 15GB is not enough for you then there is also a paid monthly subscription plan ($2.49 US per month for 25 GB).

File Formats that You can Host

You can only host HTML, JavaScript and CSS on Google Drive. You can also store media files like images on cloud and use them in your webpage.

Server pages like JSP and PHP are not yet supported. So you cannot do server-side scripting as we can do in other hosting.

Steps to Host Web Pages on Google Drive

1. Create a New folder in Drive and share it as “Public on the web.”

2. Upload your HTML, JS & CSS files to this folder.

3. Open the HTML file with Google Drive Viewer as shown in the image below.

4. Now Click on “Preview” to see the hosted HTML file as shown in the image below.

5. Share the URL that looks like…

So this is how you can easily host web pages on Google Drive for free. Try it! Make your own website today. Enjoy!