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The internet has made it easier than ever to get information at your fingertips. There is a lot of things going on in today’s world day by day. So, In this post I am going to write about a Web portal called Worldometers which contains Amazing Public Data About the Planet that display the real time population clock of world which is based on Worldometers’ algorithm and all the total world population, Important Public Data About the Planet. This Web portal has fields that have counters which are updated in real-time. It also contains fields like Current World Population, Birth this year and many more.

About Worldometers

This Web portal hosts all the important public data about the planet, with fields that have ticking counters which are updated in real-time.

Data is divided into World Population (birth this year, current, death today, etc), Govt. and Economics (cars produced, public healthcare expenditure, computer sold), Society and Media (Google searches, internet users, newspaper sold), Environment (CO2 emissions, forest loss), Food (obese, undernourished), Water (deaths from water diseases, consumed), Energy (energy used, oil left) and Health (suicides, cigarettes smoked, deaths caused by a particular disease).

Worldometers explains how it obtains and display the real-time numbers :

The counters that display the real-time numbers are based on Worldometers’ algorithm that processes the latest and most accurate statistical data available together with its estimated progression to compute the current millisecond number to be displayed on each counter, based on the specific time set on each visitor’s computer clock.

Each field has data for the year or for the day. Worldometers is a superb example to get information at your fingertips.

Visit – Worldometers