In today’s world where bloggers are working hard for days and nights by writing tons of articles for their blogs while some just copy them content and publish it without putting any attributes. This is so-called a Duplicate Content and we can also say it is one of the biggest enemy of any blog.

As you all know Content is the soul of any blog so we have to protect our blog from being copied by others. In this article I will write about the top 5 best free tools to check duplicate content.

6. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is a handy online free of cost tool to check the originality of any article. This tool will identify the original source of any plagiarized content that was copied from the internet.
LINK – Plagiarism Checker

5. Article Checker

Article Checker is a free web duplicate content checker tool. It can scans your web pages for others who may have copied it. Article Checker can also search your source across Google & Yahoo.

LINK – Article Checker

4. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a free online plagiarism checker which uses different search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo to discover the duplicate content. It has a word limit of Maximum 1500 words. It has a good feature that you can also upload Docx Or Text File.

LINK – Duplichecker

3. Plagium

Plagium is an amazing tool to check whether the content is unique or not. It can search over web, news and social networks. It allows you to paste an article having maximum 25,000 characters. You can also customize your search into Quick and Deep Search.

LINK – Plagium

2. PlagSpotter

PlagSpotter can detect & monitor duplicate content on your site. You can check your whole site for duplicate content. Many Writers use Plagspotter to run their web content to find plagiarists who steal their original content.

LINK – Plagspotter

1. Copyscape

Copyscape is surely the better one among the top 6 best free tools to check duplicate content. This duplicate content checker is the favorite tool for many editors and writers. It’s accuracy is amazingly good. It’s also quite fast and reliable.

LINK – Copyscape