Routes of Indian Railways

Now you can easily track real time position of trains on Rail Radar. Many of us are unable to know the real-time position of our train and then we are just fed up of sitting in the train waiting for our station. Using Rail Radar you can easily track Indian trains in real-time and  know the real status of the train.
RailRadar™ is a live tracker of Indian Railways passenger trains traffic in real-time. This live tracker is shown on an interactive map and allows users to watch the movements of trains which are currently running in entire India.

RailRadar™ is an outcome of innovation where Indian Railways Center for Railway Information System (CRIS) and joined hands.

Tracking Real Time Position of Trains on Rail Radar

According to Rail Radar the data is updated in every 5 minutes or more. You can use Rail Radar in the during scenarios such as -

  • Need to know order of trains which are arriving at a station or have departed from a station.
  • In cases of unplanned travel or short distance travel – determining which train option is best for you.
  • Any trends of on-time/delays on trains running on a particular route or in and around a location/geography.
  • In cases of calamities/accidents – need for obtaining a generic view of the ground train running realities.

Indian Railways has more than 6000 monitoring locations for tracking the real-time location for trains.

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Source – Rail Radar